Rules & Guide

Rules for Mushers

1.START TIMES are December 4, 2004, 9.00 a.m. and December 5, 2004, 9.00 a.m. just off Iris Street, West Yellowstone, Montana on the Old Airport.

2.ENTRY FEE must be paid in full by 26th November 2004. The entry fee is $100 per team for either a 12 dog team or a 6 dog team. All cancellations more than 1 week prior to the race start time will be refunded at ½ the entry fee(s) paid. No refunds will be made with less than 1 week to the race start time. Sign in at the registration desk in the reception area as soon as you arrive.

3.STARTING POSITION for Saturday will be drawn for at the Musher's meeting at 7.00 pm Friday night downstairs in the Barrel Bar of the Stage Coach Inn. Starting position for Sunday will be in ascending order of Saturday's race times with the quickest going out first.

4.REQUIRED EQUIPMENT Sled or Toboggan with brush bow, brake, snow hook and handle bar. Dog bag adequate to cover an injured dog. The musher must only use the sled/toboggan used at race start time on Saturday with the same musher.

5.LITTER of any kind must be removed from the trail or staging area as soon as practicable or at the end of each day’s race whichever is the sooner.

6.EMERGENCIES Musher's should assist each other in appropriate ways or be subject to disqualification.

7.AGE RESTRICTIONS Musher's must be at least 18 years old or must have a consent form signed by a parent or guardian. We reserve the right to exclude minors who we consider to have insufficient experience and/or ability. If minors wish to enter please do so in good time so that we are better able to judge your suitability for this race.

8.VET CHECKS for all race dogs must be completed prior to race time. (Vet Checks will be at the Stage Coach Inn and checks will be taken in order)


Un-sportsmanlike conduct will be subject to disqualification.

There will be no inhumane treatment of dogs. Expired dogs must be completely covered when being carried in the sled.

All dogs must be in the team or properly restrained.

No tampering with another musher's equipment.


In the 12 dog class no more than 12 dogs will be in harness on the team. In the 6 dog class no more than 6.

Switching dogs will not be allowed after the team has gone through the starting gate on Saturday. If a dog is dropped from a team, it will not be used again by any musher during the race.

11.RIGHT OF WAY will be yielded when called for by approaching driver except in the final 1 mile of the course.

12.COMPLETION OF THE RACE All dogs and the sled must cross the finish line to complete the race their race. The WYDSRR ends when the last team returns from the course on Sunday.

13.DROPPED DOGS All dogs dropped from a team are dropped from the race. They will be marked as dropped and may not be used by owner or another driver during the race. Drivers that drop dogs must complete the race with only the remaining team dogs. Violation of this rule is subject to disqualification.

14.DECISIONS that need to be made will be handed down by the race marshal after joint meeting with the race coordinator, trail boss, timer, line coordinators and judges.

15.RACE BANNERS become the property of the musher, however, they must be visibly attached to the left hand side of the sled at all times during the race to allow identification by race officials and timers.

16.RESULTS will be based on the aggregate of both days racing with timings based on when your lead dog passes through the start/finish gate.

17.PRIZES & AWARDS will be given out at the awards ceremony on Sunday afternoon.


Entry Form

Version 6 (8.7MB)

Public Guide to Mushing

Dog Sled Terms

The Team

Lead Dog
the leader, the dog or dogs running at the front of the team.

Swing Dog
dogs behind the leaders that help turn the team.

Team Dog
any dog in the middle of the team.

Wheel Dog
Strong dogs running close to the sled.

dog sled driver.

assists driver with the dogs.


turn to the right

turn to the left

Lets Go!, Hike
commands that get the team going

Line out
tells the lead dog to hold the team straight

On by
tells the team to pass another team or obstruction.

Tips for enjoying a dog sled race

  1. Don't bring your pets to the race. Sled drivers are not responsible for the safety of your pets and your pets will never have seen so many excited dogs in one place.

  2. Please take all the pictures you want but don't block the track or the progress of teams.

  3. Please don't feed the sled dogs and do ask the mushers before petting one of their dogs.

  4. Keep toddlers well in hand. Excited dogs getting ready for a race will jump around and leap into the air; this could lead to an accident that was neither the fault of the dog nor the child.

  5. Please cooperate with the race officials and keep the track clear.

  6. Do not distract the dogs.

  7. The race is easier to view if you line out along the track and try to find an area that affords you a good view without encroaching on the course.



Version 6 (8.7MB)